CapTrue 1.0

Enhance Windows native screen capturing tool


  • Embedded into Windows native capture tool
  • Saves files in different formats
  • Can copy screenshots to the clipboard or save them automatically


  • No editing tools

Very good

Why install a third-party screen capturing application when you can use the Print Screen key? This is probably what the CapTrue developer thought and that's why he created this small app.

With CapTrue you're not installing a capture tool, but rather improving the screenshot utility that comes bundled with Windows. So, instead of just having two capturing modes (the whole screen or just the active window) you can now choose between three: whole screen, active window and user-defined area. Each mode can be conveniently triggered with a customizable hotkey.

But this new capture mode is not the most outstanding feature in CapTrue. The program also helps you capture video images (which other similar tools fail to do) and lets you choose between different formats to save your screenshots. Also, you can either copy the capture straight to the clipboard or have the program save it for you automatically, with consecutive file names. Being such a complete capturing app, it’s a shame it doesn't include some editing tools, at least the most basic ones.

CapTrue adds new capabilities to the Windows standard screenshot functionality, making it more useful and complete, though still lacking in basic editing tools.

CapTrue is Microsoft Windows software for creating desktop screenshots very easily. It behaves just like your Print Screen button, but allows you to do more in a single keypress. See what this program features for you:

  • Video players window capture. Have you noticed black or purple rectangles on your screenshots made with Print Screen button? This is the place where video overlay is. Most of screen capturing software can't deal with overlays. CapTrue can.
  • Several output file formats. CapTrue can save your screenshot into BMP, PNG or JPG format. You can adjust quality settings for the latter.
  • Clipboard is a good place for your brand new screenshot. You can put your captured image into it, if you like.
  • Mouse cursor is also important. Optionally you can include mouse cursor into resulting image.



CapTrue 1.0

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